How Bubba’s-Q Came to Be.

Al Baker 4

After retiring from professional football, Bubba and wife Sabrina opened a catering business that featured traditional southern-style Bar-B-Q cuisine. Bubba also launched a series of signature sauces and dry-rubs that have won over even the toughest Bar-B-Q connoisseurs across the country.

With that enormous passion ever present, Bubba’s-Q reached the pinnacle of success in Northeast Ohio by being named Cleveland Magazine’s, Silver Spoon Award, winners “Best Ribs” and “Best Barbecue Restaurant” 2010 four consecutive years.

Bubba’s barbequing roots can be traced back to the 1950’s in Jacksonville, Florida. Bubba’s uncle, “Daddy Jr.,” took him under his wing, showing him the secrets of the family business. Daddy Jr. is none other than the owner of Jenkins Quality Barbeque, considered one of the finest barbeque restaurants not only in the south, but the entire country.

Under his uncle’s meticulous guidance, Bubba became Daddy Jr.’s personal apprentice. Generations of family recipes have been verbally passed down to Bubba. He also learned the art of slow smoking and what type of wood best accents the different flavors of each cut of meat. As his Daddy Jr. always said, “each ingredient has a job and a purpose”. Bubba not only embodies this, but actually lives by that slogan as evidenced by his award winning sauces and dry-rubs today. See if you can pick out the distinct spices in each bottle of sauce, just as Daddy Jr. and Bubba can.


For a dining experience second to none, you owe it to yourself to make a trip to Bubba’s-Q your top priority. John Long, Food Critic for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, wrote a rave review praising not only the quality of the food and aesthetics, but also the price point of the meals. Bubba’s-Q offers patrons true bang for their buck, so don’t be afraid to bring the whole family down for dinner. And when you do visit us, please say hello to Bubba and Sabrina if they don’t say hello first.